How To Find A Property Surveyor

22 Aug 2014 

Many people overlook property surveys so you’re already on the better minority by looking for a surveyor. Now you have
to make the extra effort count by getting a credible professional to get the
job done.

The first piece of advice is to avoid
getting referrals from estate agents. These have a stake in the process and are
therefore compromised as far as pointing you in the right direction is

The best approach is to get an independent
, one who will work exclusively for you and will be free to table any
problems they come across on the property. This is whether the results being
positive or negative.

The biggest factor you should look out for
when searching for a surveyor is making sure that the person is qualified for
their job and is registered under the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors
(RICS). This is because surveyors under this body and required to observe set
guidelines in the performance of their duties. They are also evaluated regularly.
Also, should there arise any disagreements, you have an easy way to make your
complaints heard and get justice. Most importantly, you’ll be sure to get
quality service.

After making sure that the surveyor is
qualified, find out how experienced they are on the job. Surveyors get better
with time because they are able to spot what the untrained eye cannot see. With
time they learn new tricks and become much more effective than their
inexperienced counterparts. If your property is a flat, get someone that deals
with similar properties. If your prospective home is made of wood, a surveyor
more experienced with wooden houses will be able to do a better job. The same
applies if your house is uniquely built and needs a specialized professional.

Another factor to look out for is a
surveyor who is well familiar to the area. This is because each locality is
exposed to different risks. There are areas more prone to flooding than others
and so forth. If you’re buying a house in a new part of the country, a local
surveyor will be better placed to give you a more relevant report because they
will know the most important things to look out for.

During conveyancing, the mortgage company
always gets a valuation done so that they can find out how much they need to
pay. These surveys are not usually comprehensive and focus more on the value of
the house. One can however get the same professional to carry out a deeper survey
and pay extra. Alternatively, since mortgage lenders always insist on using
certain firms, one can use that list of approved companies to pick a surveyor. This
should however still be accompanied by the factors above.




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